The Women behind Legendary Luke Skywalker

Women Who Love Luke in the Expanded Universe

The diehards of the Original Trilogy would be shocked if they would learn that Luke Skywalker is loved and worshipped by women. The cute combination of his boyish looks, farm-lad charm and being a powerful Jedi make him look sexy and attractive to women. You may be surprised that during the Expanded Universe, he had a few relationships that started really nicely. However, majority of his romantic conquests did not end well.


Princess Leia Organa

During the Star Wars movies, Princess Leia was Luke Skywalker’s love interest. His strong attraction toward her started when he took a glimpse of her when R2-D2 projected Leia’s holographic message to Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi. At the end part of A New Hope, there was a bit of tension between Luke and Han Solo. They were trying to woo the Princess’s affection. Luke was confident that Han, a known smuggler, will never have a chance to get her.

Leia and Luke continuously flirted with each other in the earlier episodes of the Expanded Universe. By the time Leia had their kiss on the Empire Strikes Back, she was trying to catch and make Han Solo jealous. No matter what happened the truth came out that Leia and Luke are twins (Return of the Jedi). This stopped any romantic feelings between the two of them. The princess became Han Solo’s wife.



Dani was a human-like, pinkish-skinned alien called a Zeltron. She has emphatic abilities and came from a culture who considers sexual pleasure as a very high value. This zeltron, is a smuggler by profession. Her first appearance was during the comics that were published by Marvel, episode 70. Han, Leia and Luke met her in Stenos (planet).


The moment Dani laid her eyes on Luke; she was instantly attracted to him. She confessed her feelings of love and made Luke uncomfortable. It is unclear if he turned her down. Later, she is with Kiro (Chuhkyvi), when she became a member of the Rebel Alliance.


Shira Brie (Lumiya)

In Marvel comics #56, Shira was a colonial spy who was able to infiltrate the Rebel Alliance. Luke started a romantic relationship with Shira. Skywalker shot her during battle when he lost control of his ship. He was able to clear his reputation by revealing Shira’s true mission.

However, Shira did not die. She was able to survive with the help of Darth Vader. She had gone rigorous training with Vader himself. After that, she was then named as Sith Lady Lumiya. Years had passed, she returned to the scene to teach Jacen Solo, Leia and Han’s son, to become the Sith Lord. She got her revenge when she let herself get killed by Luke during their duel. This event brought him almost to the dark side.


Mara Jade

Mara Jade’s existence was by Timothy Zahn from the Thrawn Trilogy. She was an Emperor’s hand, who was force-trained to be loyal only to Emperor Palpatine and became Talon Karrde’s member of his smuggling organization. She vowed to kill Luke for killing Palpatine. However, they had uneasy alliance when their common foes drove them together.


In time, Mara gave up being with the Dark Side and turned to become a Jedi. She trained under Kyle Katarn’s supervision. Even if Mara and Luke saw each other numerous times, they did not feel anything romantic for each other. Their romantic relationship developed after 10 years (Hand of Thrawn Duology). They got married and bore a son, Ben.