Appearances of Luke Skywalker at Expanded Universe

Expanded Universe Appearances

This exploits were taken from the book, The Truce at Bakura. After the fight at Endor, Luke and Wedge Antilles his friend recovered a note droid which came from the planet, Titular, this planet was invaded and ruled by the fearless Ssi-Ruuk. Skywalker commanded a hit squad to defeat the enemy’s army. There he met Dev Sibwarra, who was sensitive of the force and was imprisoned by the evil Ssi-Ruuk. Sibwarra died during battle after he left his captors and joined Luke Skywalker.


Another exciting adventure took place in the book, The Courtship of Princess Leia. This happened 4 years following the fight against Endor, when Luke Skywalker went on a journey to Dathomir. In that planet, he encountered and met witches (force-sensitive). They are known as Dathomir Witches. The witches disbanded and formed two groups. The first clan was called the mesmerizing Singing Mountain. They are a clan of matriarchal and benign witches, whom Luke got to mingle and close with. The other group is labeled as the Nightsisters. They are witches who went into the perilous dark side. Luke was able to defeat the majority of the evil Nightsisters, this includes the ever powerful, Gethzirion, the Nightsisters’ leaders and Zsinj, the most undefeated and most powerful warlord.


The legendary hero was able get hold of the prophecy, saying that he will definitely inflict change in the land. Eventually, he was able to understand his role and the importance of the Force, especially to those he cares deeply. With the aid of the prediction and his witch friends, he was able to get hold of Ancient Jedi records that were left by his master Yoda 400 years ago. There and then, he decided to begin his plan of setting up a Jedi Academy. This is a project that he had been planning to achieve in the last months. He was confident enough to push through with it when he got hold of the Ancient Jedi archives and records.


Another exciting adventure happened in the novel, Thrawn Trilogy. In this novel, Luke met Mara Jade. She was the Emperor’s hand, who was cursed by Palpatine’s voice that continuously commands her to slay Luke SkyWalker. She now served her new boss, Talon Karrde, a galaxy smuggler and also plays an important role during this time. Even if she was prepared to fulfill her duties to Palpatine and to forever prevent the voice from bothering her, certain events pushed Mara to keep Luke alive and keep him safe and out of danger. They were able to escape such a dilemma perfectly. Regardless of Mara’s threats, Skywalker discovered about the curse and promised her to help her be free from it. Eventually, the curse was lifted and Mara joined the Alliance. She left the dark side for good and became a Jedi. Even if Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker crossed-paths once in a while, they did not show any interest towards each other. It was really unexpected that the two got married ten years after that. They had a beautiful son and named him Ben.