Luke Skywalker Trivia

Other interesting facts about Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker is the hero and the most popular hero of the film series Star Wars. The main protagonist was played by Mark Hamill. His character was introduced during the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. This episode is about Luke leaving home and became Obi-Wan’s (Jedi Master) apprentice. He became an important character in the Rebel Alliance. He led the group in battling against the Galactic Empire. Skywalker is the son of Padme Amidala, who was the Republic Senator and Earlier Queen of Naboo. As for Luke’s father, his name is Anakin Skywalker. His father is a fallen jedi who is most commonly known as Darth Vader. No doubt that Luke is very powerful, since he comes from the family with deep Force. He has a fraternal twin sister, Princess Leia Organa, who is the foster daughter of the leader of the alliance, Senator Bail Organa of the Planet Alderan. Luke Skywalker is depicted by the Expanded Universe as a very powerful Jedi Master and the Grand Master of the latest Jedi Order. His son is Benjamin Skywalker. Jacen Solo is his maternal nephew, and Cade Skywalker is his successor.


This legendary protagonist was chosen as the 54th greatest film character of all time. ranked Skywalker as number 14 on their 100 Greatest Fictional Characters.


Jedi Academy Trilogy

This 3-novel series is written by Kevin J. Anderson. Luke quit being a starfighter in the Republic corps in order to finish his Jedi training. He also planned to restore Order of the Jedi in Yavin 4 (Massassi Temple). This mission was opposed by anti-Jedi officials. Despite that, he became an effective leader of the Order. His apprentice who follows the ways of the Jedi and the Force are: Kirana Ti, Streen, Cilghal, Tionne, Kam Solusar and Gantoris.

When Skywalker came out in the 2nd trilogy known as the Jedi Outcast, he became more mature and much wiser. He tries to help Kyle Katrn in his battle against Desann. His mission is to drive Desann off and his forces off the Jedi Valley.


Fate of the Jedi

This is a nine-book series, which was set 2 years after the happenings of the Legacy of the legendary Force. Skywalker, in his late 50s, was thrown out from his spot as the Grand Jedi master. He was then exiled to Coruscant. He was given a serious task so that he can be permitted to return. He must find out why and how Jacen Solo became one of the people on the dark side. His son, Ben, insisted in going with him. Luke and Benjamin travelled together and they explored the perilous and the most unknown places around the galaxy. The two learn a lot from each other, like the other dangers facing the Jedi and the Force. The two Skywalkers love and affection for each other grew even more. They protected each other very well, and they have discovered the limits, mysteries and Force’s power.



This is a comic book Star Wars series by John Ostrander. The setting of the comic books happened 133 years following the Return of the Jedi. Luke Skywalker emerges as a Force ghost to his successor Cade Skywalker, who wants to abandon or reject the connection and power of the Force. Skywalker requests Cade to accept his responsibility and accept his Jedi Lineage. The Sith are slowly slaughtering the Jedi and is taking over the whole galaxy. Cade must stop the Sith before the situation worsens.


Comics appearances

Skywalker also appeared lots of times, when Marvel publicized the Star Wars comics. The story was adapted from the original trilogy. The series ran from the year 1977-1986. By the time the Dark Horse Comics (the 3rd-largest comics publisher in America), Luke played in numerous projects based on the Star Wars franchise.


Origins of Luke

George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, got the name “Anakin” from his buddy, Ken Annakin, who is a also a film director. “Luke” is more likely derived from Lucas’s last name.


During the earlier drafts of the New Hope Screenplay, Luke, who is the main character was suppose to be a girl. Other drafts show that Luke was supposed to be a highly-skilled general instead of being a naïve youth. Prior to the final script, his surname was suppose to be Starkiller.



In the Star Wars Special and Original Trilogy, the adult Luke Skywalker was played by Mark Hamill and the infant Skywalker was portrayed by Aiden Barton. Hamill came back and became the voice of Skywalker on the radio dramas of the Empire Strikes and A New Hope. Mark Hamill came out on numerous comedy appearances on television. He had a brief appearance in 1977, on the Donnie and Marie Show and another one on The Muppet Show (1980).