The Yuuzhan Vong Invasion

Learn More About Luke Skywalker and a Glimpse on The Legacy of the Force Series


In the latest series of The Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order, Luke initiates a modernistic and contemporary Jedi Council. He thinks of creating a caucus mainly composed of Jedi, military officers as well as politicians. Saba Sebatynee, Tresina Lobi, Cilghal, Kyp Durron, Kenth Hammer, Kyle Katarn including Luke himself are also included in the new Jedi order. On the side of military officers and politicians, there is Admiral Sienn Sovv, Chief of State Cal Omas and the remaining four.


The New Jedi Order moved to a place known as “Ossus”; it is the site of ancient famous Jedi libraries as well as temples that were massively devastated almost 4,000 years ago. Upon the transformation of a great number of Myrkr mission survivors into Killik Joiners and the incursion of Chiss space, Luke ascertains that the collective mind shared by Killiks is unconsciously manipulated by the “Dark Nest”.


The “Dark Nest” is being regulated by an ex-Nightsister also known as Lomi Plo, who also became an “Unseen Queen” because of her ability to become imperceptible by making use of the doubts of those who are considered as inferior.


One of the few survivors from the Myrkr mission, Alema Rar tried to embed the seeds of doubt in Luke Skywalker’s mind by saying that his own wife, named Mara could be somehow accountable for the death of his beloved mother named Padmé Amidala. Luke almost believed it because of his wife’s previous involvement with the Emperor. This incident permitted Lomi to freely escape from Luke. Luke discovered something, a recordings of his own father, force-choking his beloved mother; this whole incident has been hidden inside the memory archives of R2D2.


Because of this revelation, he was able to overcome his doubts about his wife and he was able to defeat Lomi Plo in the final battle of Swarm War. Luke also withdrawn the Jedi from the Cal Omas’ Advisory Council, because he is planning to establish a New Jedi Council that will provide due assistance to the Galactic Alliance every time it is needed. Luke also became the Grandmaster of the so-called Jedi Order to guide the other members of Jedi. Luke’s principle that governs the entire group is “either follow his headship and make the orders their paramount priority or leave the group”.


Because of this principle of Luke, Tenel Ka and Danni Quee chose to resign whilst some has been exiled for revealing clandestine information to people who are not member of Jedi order.


Glimpse on the Legacy of the Force Series

In this series, Luke started to have visions of a shadowy figure veiled in darkness obliterating the Jedi Decree and the whole galaxy. In his dazed state, this shadowy figure looks like his father that is why Luke has been troubled because he could not fully discern the real identity of the said figure. Things became more complicated due to the schism that arose between Luke and Jacen Solo, his nephew. Jacen is a powerful knight and his prowess is incredible; he started to adopt extreme as well as radical interpretations of the word “Force” which caused an intense transformation to his personality. Luke has only one fear, and that is Jacen might be leading to the same path which led to the fall of Anakin Skywalker’s to the dark side.